Interior of Birmingham Town Hall
The Victorian interior of Birmingham’s Town Hall.
The Town Hall remains a vital part of the city’s musical heritage.

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The Music Library at the Library of Birmingham is one of the biggest specialist music collections in the UK. We stock all kinds of treasures – printed music that is unusual, rare, or with local significance.

Our blog aims to introduce you to some of the highlights. We also document our journey to diversify the collections, look at the musical life of the city, and occasionally, handover the blog to guest contributors.

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“The last note of Elijah was drowned in a long-continued unanimous volley of plaudits, vociferous & deafening. It was as though enthusiasm, long checked, had suddenly burst its bounds and filled the air with shouts of exultation.”

Felix Mendelssohn’s oratorio Elijah was composed for and first performed in Birmingham’s Town Hall, 26.8.1846.

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