It’s a little short of this blog’s first birthday, but as we’re currently closed for work on our flooring, I thought I’d have a wander through the posts. I have learnt a lot about blogging on the job, and I suspect the earlier posts won’t stand up to much scrutiny. However, I’m going to concentrate on the images I’ve used instead. Perhaps you missed some? Or you’d like to read the post they come from again? I’ll make sure to include all the links, though it would be easy enough to flick back through the archive.

June 2017  Souvenirs

Chansons populaires du Canada
Chansons populaires du Canada – the glorious front cover.

This post  was the first one where I really started to explore what was in front of me. I discovered fascinating pieces of information about both items featured.

September 2017  All for the cause

Chants of Labour frontispiece by Walter Crane
Frontispiece by Walter Crane

This post was another eye-opener. William Morris is well-known for his left-leaning politics as well as his design credentials, but him as a composer of socialist songs? Well, here you learn all.

June 2017  Fire survivor

Etching for Shadows
Lonely o’er the dying ember I the past recal.

This one of my favourite images from what I’ve seen so far. Much more evocative than the parlour song that went with it. Interesting local connections.

December 2017  Special Delivery

Every good wish for your Christmas. Victorian greetings card
A card from c. 1885

Here’s another favourite image . This one made me laugh – it’s both weird and beautiful. Although it’s not part of the Music Library’s collections, it is in one of the many collections in the Library of Birmingham.

August 2017  ‘Sing, Belgians, sing!’

Elgar Une voix dans le desert
The stark front cover image by Alfred Craven

This popular post looked at Elgar’s musical connection with Belgium during World War 1.

June 2017  The not-so-silent movies 2

Siede Der erste kuss - showing cues
The violin part showing one of many cues

This is one of several posts looking at our silent movie music. I love the scribbled cue – it suggests so many scenarios …

January 2018  ‘Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy’ & ‘Shachiapang’ 

Scene 5 Up the mountain
Scene five: Up the Mountain

This was another post where I learnt a lot while writing it.  Vague thoughts about the Cultural Revolution in China became rather more focussed when faced with definite facts.

April 2017  Songs from across the centuries 1

simon squeers
Damaged front cover of ‘Simon Squeers – the undertaker’s man’

And, here I am, back at the beginning. A black and white image, a caricature, but also so real. For the next post, I shall be revisiting the first post. And hopefully making rather better post out of it this time around.  Nothing like learning on the job …